Wife buries dead husband with live snakes

In a video making rounds on social media, a woman, believed to be a Ghanaian, is spotted beside the casket of her late husband as she laid a live snake into the coffin. It has been gathered that the snake killed the man and the wife decided to give her late husband the parting gift as she buried the snake together with her husband.

The python was seen hanging around her neck until it was time to say her final words as the pallbearers got ready to carry the body to its final resting place.

A background voice described why she embarked on the ritual and explained that the snake bit the tongue of the deceased which led to his untimely death, so she decided to bury the late husband with its killer. According to online reports, the dead man used to play with snakes and one of his favourite pet snakes bit his tongue when he was trying to put it into his mouth.

Burying the dead with material stuff including money, jewels and other possessions has been an ancient tradition that runs in the family of many indigenous Ghanaians. People are of the belief that what the dead gets buried with goes a long way to prove how he will enjoy life in the afterlife and intercede for his living relatives.

The video sparked several reactions from Ghanaians as they stumbled upon the video. Below are some reactions.

funghana_: It is believed that the man didn’t die a natural death , so the spirit of the snake would bite every one involved in his death Immediately the snake dies

bby__naa: This is snake abuse wai….snakes also have rights 😂

k_addo_: May she be comforted. She is in a lot of agony and pain.

iamdebaby: Snake life matters 😢😢😢😢

spiceebwoy: The snake will survive.It will feed on the man dead body and will even grow better and bigger then go away


winnifredboatemaa: I know that man paa he is called the snake man 😢 that snake is his pet

cabi_diana: This is strange

opheliaowusu5131: Maybe the man didn’t die natural death as soon as the snake dies those who had hands in it will also die

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