“They’re my Ghetto God-parents!” Zex Bilangilangi on Bobi Wine, Barbie and his Ghetto escapades

Many have known singer Zex Bilangi Langi as a singer that has defied odds to emerge from the ghetto. However, many have no idea what the singer has been through to attain musical stardom.

Born in Mityana, Namutamba, Vex found himself languishing in the ghettos doing petty jobs ad he painfully worked his way in a very competitive music industry, where he revealed he would have seen his dream of becoming a musician fall flat on its back had he not got help from a celebrated ghetto family; The Kyagulanyis.

In an interview with a local television, the singer is known for his unique dress code and queer song lyrics revealed how important Singer cum politician Bobi Wine and his wife Barbara Itungo alias Barbie Kyagulanyi were in his music journey.

Having been born in Masaka and attended Arya school where he rubbed shoulders with star names like Juliana and Bobi, Zex would soon find life more difficult than he imagined and soon dropped out of school, finding a home in the ghetto.

It is from the ghetto that he worked on several petty jobs such as washing cars, working as a taxi tout until 2014 when he met Bobi Wine again during the Ghetto Voice Search.

He could not make it to the finals but nevertheless was helped a lot by Barbie, who apparently, was spearheading the Voice Search.

“Barbie Itungo was the one spearheading the ghetto Voice Search and she has been like a mother to all of us from the ghetto. Life was so hard and I dropped out of school because of failure to pay fees….” he narrated.

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