“Attack me if you want to die faster, you have no idea of where I came from,” Pastor Bugingo to haters

Ever since he went public about his relationship with his mistress Susan Makula, House of Prayer Ministries church pastor Aloysius Bugingo has received so much criticism from Ugandans.

The hate however increased recently after he got introduced by Susan to her parents in a Kukyala ceremony. Many Ugandans decided to have a say about his marriage and these include his fellow Pastors Ssempa and Ssenyonga.

The latter claims that what Bugingo is doing is not right adding that Makula is a prostitute. There have also been a series of posts made online by a Ugandan nkuba kyeyo known as Senga Acid exposing the pastor. Senga revealed how Bugingo has not only been cheating on his first wife Teddy Naluswa but also Makula with a number of women.

The revelations included how he was sleeping with a female radio presenter, bought her a car, and later took it back following a misunderstanding. She also revealed how he failed to attend Teddy’s mother’s burial because he was busy in the office receiving a blow job from Susan.

Amidst the Revelations, Bugingo has issued warnings saying that no one attacks him and succeeds in life.

The pastor said all people who have attacked him have ended so badly , with some getting demoted at work, fired from offices and  Parliament.

“I’m warning you, I can give you a list of 50 people who have publically suffered after they fought me. If you lack what to do, don’t start attacking Bugingo, you don’t know where I came from. As long as I’m still alive, better accept and die a natural death you were designed to die eath you were not a fast one because of Bugingo,” He said during a church service.

“Whoever calls it just threats, attack me now and see. Some of these people are even pastors,” He added.

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