Police anticipates more defilement cases during the 42 day partial lock down

The Criminal Investigations Department is has warned of an upsurge in the number of defilement cases that may occur in the 42 day schools lock down. President Yoweri Museveni closed all schools for 42 days, ordered all teachers to be vaccinated as one way to prevent spread of Covid 19 in schools.

The Ministry of health has reported an increased number of Covid 19 patients in schools, prompting an immediate lock down by the President.
More than 100 cases of Covid 19 of school going children between the age of 15 – 17 and those between 9 – 14 years have been registered since reopening schools in October last year.

Also many children have been found pregnant during the lock down while several have been found HIV Positive. Now, the Uganda Police Force has warned that since president Museveni has ordered a 42 day lock down, children will be lured into acts that deprive their ability to continue going to school. Police believes, many children will be defiled and raped during this period.

Luke Oyowesigire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson says, with history, many more children may be engaged in sexual intercourse categorized as defilement. He warned that all those found in acts of luring school going children into sexual acts will be arrested and prosecuted.

He also asked parents to be vigilant enough to prevent such acts that deprive young children to get back to school and have a brighter future. He also advised parents to ensure that they engage all their children in other productive activities to avoid loitering and being idle.

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