VIDEOS: What really happened? Cafe Javas in ‘dead rat’ served to client storm

Ugandans were on Thursday left shocked and disgusted after Cafe Javas, a popular eats haven was accused of serving food to a client containing a dead rat. The client named Bintu Gassama has come out to expose the cafe for serving her a milkshake containing a dead rat.

A video clip shared by the furious and disappointed client showed how she found a rat in her disposable glass containing her milkshake.

It all started well with Gassama ordering and receiving her favorite milkshake. However, after she had eaten a quarter of it, she was shocked to see a rat lying at the bottom of the glass.

She allegedly called Cafe Javas’ management and complained but was only told to get a lawyer to handle the situation.

Many have questioned how a big rat ended up in the milkshake without the waitresses’ notice.

In their defense, Javas has released CCTV video footage proving that they did not serve a rat to their client.

In the video, Gassama could be seen entering the cafe with her husband. They rested on chairs as the waitress took her order.

The waitress took the order to the kitchen where preparations were ongoing and a gentleman could be seen working on the milkshake making machine. The entire preparation process happens in the full glare of the CCTV camera and the process seems to be spotless and clean which left many wondering how a dead rat would miraculously show up in a glass.

After watching the video, many social media users have trashed the client’s claims saying that the rat could not have survived the blending machine.

Watch Cafe Javas CCTV fotage below;

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