“You have no talent, you should stick to your TV Job,” MUN G shots at Crysto Panda

NTV Uganda’s Tnation show host Crysto Panda, real name Kityamuweesi Herbert unlesshed his singing skills in 2017 when he featured Da Agent in “Sagala Manya” song, receiving a warm apluase in the industry, thanks to his ready fan base created by his Tnation show.

As a result, he has won a number of Buzz Teenz awards and it is believed that most of his fans are secondary school students. Despite the accolades, one legendary rapper in the Ugandan music game is not impressed with Crysto’s talent.

Mun G, a seasoned rapper feels Crysto is just a copycat who copies the legendary rapper and still fails to impress.


The NTV rapper however often tells off such critics, saying even though his music is fake, it pays his bills. According to Mun G, Panda is only a Television presenter not a musician who should leave rap music alone and focus on his TV career.

“I thought he was a TV presenter. I have nothing to say about him but sometimes ” Ayagala kumanyiila mu”, He said

Additionally, Mun G said that he has inspired many artists, insisting it explains why every modern rapper derives his style from MUN G music.

“Everyone with a hit now is in Mun G’s style.
All those people who do my style make me feel good. ” boasted the “Sente zange” rapper.

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