Lumbuye akomyewo nekigula luggi mu style. Mwetegefu okwabya abanene

Ugandan Government critic Fred Lumbuye Kajubi aka Chemical Ali has finally spoken out after many months of silence.

Through his new Facebook channel “Kajjubi Fred2“, the critic has announced his return online asking his evangelists to wait for his live.

“Ladies and gentlemen, chemical Ali will be live on Thursday 2/12/2021 at 8pm Ugandan time. Charge your phones,” He has posted.

Social media was set ablaze in August 2021 after the news went viral that he was abducted from his home in Turkey and taken to some unknown place on orders of the Ugandan government following his endless criticism.

Days later, the government of Uganda denied arresting him but vowed to do so if he got deported. They said he was inciting violence using social media and would be brought to courts of law over it.

A team from the National Unity Platform (NUP) flew to Turkey where they hired lawyers to search and get him out of danger. Through them, it was realised that the motor-mouthed blogger was detained by the Turkish government over immigration issues.

In October 202, Lumbuye was finally released. Pictures of him taken after the release were shared in which he looked totally different from his usual self.

His return means alot to many of his followers most especially those who support NUP.

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