NUP councilors side with NRM to win DP candidate in Entebbe Speakership race

National Unity Platform councilors have disregarded their fellow opposition candidate Innocent Ssewankambo and instead sided with NRM’s Modesta Tezikyabiri who later won the Entebbe Municipal Council speakership race.


The NUP councilors, led by Charles Kabwama and Molly Zimula were recently reelected to the positions in the Entebbe Municipal council.

The councilors, soon after swearing in on Tuesday morning engaged in a council seating with a resolution that all opposition councilors would support DP’s Ssewankambo.

The National Unity Platform had 5 councilors; NRM hard 11 and independent councilor while nine (9) are from the Democratic Party.

A source at the Municipal council told Entebbe Post that the Democratic Party councilors had allied with the National Unity Platform councilors to elect Ssewankambo.

However, some of the NUP councilors, spearheaded by Charles Kabwama defied the position, voted for NRM’s Modesta Tezikyabiri who later became speaker of the Entebbe Municipal Council’s elected speaker.

However, despite the disagreements, Democratic Party remained steadfast, voted NUP’s Chendiko Florence as Deputy Speaker of the council. The decision by several of the NUP councils in the council has left Democratic Party leaders wondering whether it remains important to have an alliance with opposition parties which do not honor such agreements.

Maggwa Ssali, the Democratic Spokesperson in Entebbe said it remained a shame to the opposition and a threat to future decisions of all opposition parties if they cannot honor the least of the agreements made between the different political groupings. “Let us wait and see if we can still get back to the table and make more important decisions,” Maggwa said.

The said councilors could not be reached for a comment on the matter.

However, Modesta (NRM) was later sworn in as the new speaker of Entebbe Municipality. Modesta Tezikyabiri replaces Peninah Kasaija who retired from active Politics.

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