Man impregnates his mother, family disowns him

The Nyarusiza Sub county Chairperson in Kisoro district Nsabimana Erasmus has set Wednesday next week as the hearing day for a case in which a man is accused of excommunicating adopted son over sexual immorality.

Mbarushimana Charles is accused by locals of throwing out his son Robert Niyonsaba on allegations of impregnating his step mother (the wife to Mbarushimana’s brother). After being disowned, Niyonsaba told the community that he knows no other father apart from Mbarushimana who paid his bride price, built for him a house and introduced him to the community.

Niyonsaba Shallon, a wife to Niyonsaba says that the only family she knows in Nyarusiza is that of her father in-law Mbarushimana since he is the one who asked her to get married to his son. Speaking to our reporter, a section of community members who had gathered at the sub county headquarters blamed Mbarushimana for having welcomed a stranger in his family as a son stressing that it was wrong to chase him out of the home in such a manner.

Rukundo Emmanuel, also another resident, said that he would wish to see the issue sorted without inflicting pain on both parties.

Whereas residents claim that the couple is seeking refuge at Gasovu Church of Uganda, Rev Uwiragiye Geofrey denied any Knowledge about the matter. Mbarushimana however revealed to our reporter that Niyonsaba was an employee in his family and he’s no longer working with them due to his misconduct.

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