Internet sensation ‘Omugenzi’ Godfrey Jjemba’s ex wife begs to return home after fiance turned celebrity

Internet Sensation Godfrey Jjemba Matte’s life changed just within a snap of a finger after his picture went viral online.


His new celebrity status has brought him a number of things including a motorcycle, smartphone, money etcetera. With these things, his ex-wife Ms. Florence Nabaweesi who is also the mother of his children are begged to return to her home after abandoning it for three years.

According to Jjemba, Nabaweesi cheated on him with their neighbour. He narrated to this website that he caught them red-handed having bonking sessions. She went on and married the neighbour.

Jjemba nursed his broken heart, moved on and married his current wife Ms. Joyce Nakabazzi whom he is now planning to wed. Jemba and Nakabazzi have three children together already.

“I am planning to unite with my wife (Nakabazzi) in holy matrimony because she has been patient and stood by me when I was deprived. I have become old and I don’t want a second wife,” He revealed.

Ms Nabaweesi says that she has 11 children with Jemba and has a right to return to her home, however, Jemba maintains that he doesn’t want her back.

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