Azawi Taking Huge Strides In The Music Industry

Songstress Azawi is still making huge strides with her music. The young lady is making news all over the world and not just in Uganda. Currently, on Apple Music, she has some of her songs trending in the top 100.


The graceful artist recently won female Artist of the Year 2021 in the Janzi Awards of Uganda. Some people, however, did not embrace her win, for example, Spice Diana. According to her, there are people who did better than Azawi this year but is it?

Social media was not ready to let her ruin Azawi’s joy. The fans blasted and shamed Spice saying she has not done much this year. This is especially if they compare her to Azawi.

In any case, the young singer has surely worked hard. Her album is taking her places up until now. Recently BBC was talking about her which is a big thing as well. This only means, Azawi is not just a local artist anymore.

She has obviously not made it alone, Swangz Avenue has played its part and played it well.

Meanwhile, Azawi’s success is not a surprise at all. She is very much talented and everyone can see it. Azawi has remained herself regardless of the pressure from fans.

Some fans have wanted her to dress a certain way which she has not allowed, sticking to her baggy and boy-like clothes. People love her for who she is plus her good music.

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