Sheilah Gashumba; I Will Never Vote Again If President Museveni Doesn’t Open Economy

NBS After 5 presenter Sheilah Gashumba has come out to threaten not to vote again if President Museveni doesn’t open up the economy in January.


Sheilah’s threat directly went to Museveni as she’s said that she’s tired of being home.

“Please if any of President Museveni’s cabinet ministers or advisor is watching, tell him that if he doesn’t speak, I’m not going to vote again,” Sheilah Gashumba issued an ultimatum.

One of her co-hosts, MC Kats said that the President should not just speak but also open up. The President is expected to give an address on New year’s eve summarizing up the year and welcoming another.

It’s through this address that he is expected to give a clear picture of what’s going to unfold next.

The President in his previous addresses has always assured people that he will reopen the economy fully in January.

There is however a growing fear in some sections of the public that there could be changes in the President’s address. This is largely due to the increasing number of new cases of the COVID 19 Variant, Omicron.

Sheilah Gashumba also had some advice for companies looking for brand ambassadors.

Being one of the most influential brand ambassadors in the country, her charge rates are often high. She, therefore, advised these companies seeking her services to try elsewhere.

“I don’t get it when a company/ agency or agent tells a personality, ‘your rate is too high’. Try other personalities if my rate is too high!! Everyone has their own price and yesterday’s rate isn’t today’s rate!!” Sheilah added.

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