VIDEO: Woman beats up husband after catching him wedding another woman

A video has gone viral on social media in which a middle aged woman caught her husband in church in the process of getting married to another woman.

As the service was going on, the woman entered church with her two children and started shouting while claiming her man.

She is seen grabbing the man by his coat as she demands for answers, the man’s friends try to stop her but she pushed them away.

She then starts crying loudly as the man looked down buried in embarrassment. Her children joined her and they cried together.

The illegal wife to be on the other side, didn’t not look shocked at all as she kept put.

The woman’s dramatic scene put the function at a standstill but couldn’t stop the man from exchanging vows with his new wife.

A meeting was held where he  was asked to go ahead with his wedding but takes his responsibility of looking after their children.

Watch video here:

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