“Mulekere awo okunjasamira mufune kubyokola” Winnie Nwagi ayambalidde ba kadama abamuwoganira

Swangz Avenue artist Nakanwagi Winnie aka Winnie Nwagi has blasted her Dubai fans termed as ‘Kadamas’ in Uganda.

This came after they found her in a restaurant and she declined to take photos with them. These fans took it to social media and abused her something she wouldn’t keep quiet about.

According to Nwagi, Ugandans have a habit of attacking artists and they kept quiet but for her it is the other way around. First of all, she hadn’t moved to take photos but rather perform and those that attended her concert had a chance to take photos with her.

Songstress Nwagi went ahead and said she has a right to say no to photos if she is not in the mood and Ugandans should learn to stay in their lane when it comes to artists.

“People should stop the unnecessary clinging onto musicians. These fans found me in a restaurant and asked for selfies and I refused because I wasn’t in the mood and had no vibe. Is that so hard to understand that I didn’t want.

“Besides I was eating and I have a right to say no, just try to be civilized. I’m not the type of artist who will keep quiet as you all step on me. Just go and take selfies with your OGs and OBs but not me. I can’t plead with you to listen to my music, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it,” Nwagi said.

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