Jamie Culture Reveals Reason He Ran Mad

Singer Jamie Culture has come out to reveal why he ran mad a few months ago. The singer who appeared in local tabloids and TVs a while ago had to be taken to rehab for him to gain some sanity.


Rumors made rounds that he was heavily using drugs while others had it that it was ancestral spirits making him insane. While appearing in a local TV interview, the singer said that it was brain overlap that rather made him crazy. Interestingly, you might have never heard of that but the singer explained what it means and it’s quite hilarious.

Jamie Culture said that he has a lot of knowledge/IQ which exceeds the way he uses it.

This is what made him get out of his mind, quite sounds like a brain IQ explosion.

He also proceeded to announce his new plans after checking out of rehab.

The Woli singer said that he’s trying to use his music to promote culture in different ways. He also thanked all those that stood by him in his trying times.

“I don’t know where people got the notion that I was doing drugs. I’m a well-educated man who knows the dangers of drug abuse. It was rather a brain overlap. My IQ is heavier than the output from my brain and this is what got me mentally sick. I however want to thank everyone who stood by me in my trying times. Every man has that challenging phase in life but the most important thing is to stand strong and pass through it.”

“I’m now back to doing music and I’m more of a cultured man. I want to do music that shows Ugandans that we have our own music that can be loved globally. I also want to write books, lullabies, riddles among others,” Jamie Culture said.

The singer also addressed the claims that veteran singer Kabuye Ssembogga is his father.

He said that in Buganda culture, both of them are of the ‘Ngeye’ clan which makes him a son to the Bisaanyi singer.

The singer also said that as a Muganda man, he has his traditions and people should stop questioning whether he had been attacked by his ancestral spirits.

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