Furious Spice Diana Questions The Intentions Of Janzi Awards

Popular local singer Namukwaya Hajarah AKA Spice Diana has come out to question the intentions of the Janzi Awards. The awards ceremony took place over the weekend and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development was the organizer.


Spice Diana who was one of the nominees however wasn’t satisfied with the criteria used to pick the winners. The Body singer first argued that Ugandan artists have been used for long though they keep silent. She wondered why the government organized a big ceremony where no one wore a mask. The singer further wondered why the government can’t give artists a chance to go back to work.

“Why can’t artists be given a chance to also go back to work? Organize their own shows again. Why would you want to feed someone who can feed themselves yet you still use art to organize events in which you only benefit?”

She also wondered if COVID 19 does not prevail in events the government organizes. Furthermore, she also questioned when the real artists will gain from their own sweat. Spice Diana wonders what the rush was for in organizing the Janzi Awards. She also feels the criteria in deciding the winners was unfair.


“For the Janzi Awards in Particular: What was the rush to organize an award ceremony in two weeks? What was the intention of the event?

Why did you allow the fans to vote if the final verdict depended on the opinion of just the ‘academy’ who we are not sure of their interests?”

She proceeded to congratulate every winner before saying, “however what is the criteria you used to determine the Artiste of the year. I know so many great artists who deserved that accolade hands down.”

She then added that if the government wants to elevate the industry, it should engage clear-headed people without selfish interests.

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