Spark TV Live Wire Hosts Set To Quit The Serena-Based Station

Information reaching our gossip desk indicates that ‘Live Wire’ rumormongers, Gabie Ntaate and Precious Remmie are set to quit Spark TV.


Ntaate and Remmie joined Spark TV in 2018 after Zahara Totto and Anna Talia Oze made a surprise move to NBS TV.

Everything has been moving smoothly at the Serena-based station until the recent directive from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) which forced all gossip shows to air from 10pm to 6am.

Since the directive, Ntaate and Remmie have struggled with the new programming schedule. An insider also intimated to us that the pair feel they are being underpaid.

However, the management is looking at things differently. They feel the show is dropping and no longer as relevant as it was previously.

Gabie Ntaate and Precious Remmie allegedly held secret talks with NBS TV and are now considering quitting Spark TV.

NBS TV was also affected by the UCC directive which saw Anna Talia Oze quit ‘UnCut’ show due to family commitments.

They also feel Zahara Totto could burn out due to fatigue; She does have a lot on her schedule – Nxt Radio, ‘UnCut’, Saturday Night Live (SNL), and Lunch Time Request.

The management at NBS TV feels Remmie and Ntaate can fill the void left by Oze. Our hands are crossed on this matter as we wait for the next revelation.

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