Parliamentary committee on Human rights demands the arrest of Bryan White over Rape.

Members of Parliament on the Human Rights Committee have found socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White culpable of sexual-related offences that are said to have been committed with the aid of security agencies.


The MPs want Bryan White arrested and charged with human trafficking, sexual assault and defilement. In their report that investigated allegations against Brian White of violation of human rights, the MPs said even to date, the gross misdeeds are continuing unattended.

Bryan White was last year accused by Stella Nandawula, Vivian Mutanda, Leticia Nabulime and others for molesting them while and forcefully keeping them in his house while underage.

‘The committee concludes that there was a violation of these girls against their own will. Unfortunately, they are underage and some like Nandawula have since disappeared and are believed to be under his custody with the help of Police in Kabalagala,’ said Anges Taaka the committee chairwoman.

It’s alleged that Bryan White recruited the girls to work for his Bryan White Foundation a non-government organisation that the NGO board has since said is nonexistent.

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