“You’re not my keeper!” Winnie Nwagi blasts critics over her dress code

Song stress Winnie Nwagi is not only popularly known for her good music but also her indecent dressing, which has more often than not left many unimpressed. Since she came to the limelight, Nwagi has been serving her fans with raunchy pictures and videos which in the end cause mixed reactions, earning her admirers and critics in equal measure.

Many have condemned her dress code claiming that at her age, she is not supposed to be showing off her nakedness in public, considering the fact that she is already a mother.

The singer has however always hit back at the critics, blocking them on social media and attacking them with Insults directly, oblivious of the harm it can do to her fan-base.

In a recent interview with local television, Nwagi reiterated that those who want her to dress decently should give her gigs and order her to dress appropriately, lest she continues to dress the way she pleases.

“If you hate my dressing code, then give me a job and order me to dress how you want. People who hire me to sing on their functions always tell my manager the kind of dress code they want and I make sure I dress according to their orders.

“But you can’t order me to dress the way you want when I’m not working for you,” She noted.

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