Truth behind Anitah Fabiola’s fallout with her father revealed, parents should know this before their daughters get married

Former TV presenter Anita Kyarimpa alias Anitah Fabiola made headlines a few days ago after she was heard in an audio insulting her father.


In the audio, it was clear that Fabiola was mad at her father after he beat her brother to the pulp forcing him to be taken to ICU.

Hours after the audio leaked, Mugisha took to his social media platforms and revealed how he was tired of being there for ungrateful children while also asking who Fabiola’s fiancee Mark Ronald Mubiru is.

A source close to the family has revealed that the fight between Fabiola and her father originates from her relationship with Mubiru.

The source told us that Mugisha has a strong dislike for Mubiru because of his lack of a proper job.

Fabiola who’s set to get married to Mubiru has allegedly been pressuring her father to accept him in the family but all her efforts have become futile hence the misunderstandings.

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