Spice Diana’s EX surfaces; Claims for his long time love

If you thought singer Spice Diana is a spotless angel that has no bad history, think twice, the sassy singer who is turning heads everywhere has also ever been an ordinary girl dating ordinary men.


The singer has not come out publicly to reveal she is in any kind of relationship with anyone, but it seems it’s as a result of her past, maybe. As we write this, an upcoming musician, by the name of Kachai Akookya International staying in Dubai has come out and claimed to be singer Spice Diana’s ex-boyfriend.

The man alleges that he stayed in the same neighborhood with Spice in Kibuli where they met and became friends and later lovers even though her family was richer than his.

He narrated that Spice Used to speak glowingly about loved Jose Chameleon and that she was the Baliwa singer’s super fan. Therefore, when she saw Kachaayi singing Chameleone’s songs, she was impressed and fell for him.

“She found me singing Jose Chameleon’s songs and stared, so I made her my friend. I later made her my girlfriend, but there was another guy called Boy who was from a richer family and started  he started competing with me for her love.” He said during an interview with a local YouTuber.

He further revealed that she disappeared from him after she left Kibuli.

“She left kibuli, I met her later in Makindye and reminded her of our childhood,” He claims.

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