“Ziza Bafana and Gravity Omutujju are ignorant,” Bebe Cool fires back at fellow singers as bitter raw rages on

Gravity Omutujju and Ziza Bafana are among the many artists who didn’t appear on Bebe Cool’s list. These recently attacked the singer accusing him of not knowing how to sing himself.


During an interview with a local YouTuber, Bafana stated that Bebe Cool doesn’t have any knowledge of music so he has no authority to judge it. He explained that the “love you everyday” hitmaker can not write songs, play instruments, or even back himself up.

Bebe Cool has responded to the artists’ comments calling them ignorant and attention seekers.

“Those people are ignorant they are always looking for attention but know the truth. That’s why they are stuck where they are because they don’t listen to their elders. DJs and radios are the ones that decide if the music is good or not so they failed to grow because they are not playing their music,” He said.

Bebe Cool added that the artists do not know what type of music their audience needs.

“Stop singing what you love but what your fans want. You convince yourself that what you sing is good but the audience doesn’t like them. And by the way, I have the moral authority to talk about music because I have knowledge. I’m an icon. The older the wine, the sweeter,” Bebe Cool.

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