“I started for you those businesses, stop bragging!” – Geosteady shots at baby mama Prima Kardashi

assan Kigozi, ex-lover and baby daddy to socialite and business woman Primah Kardashi is not about to stop the war of words ongoing between the pair.


The two have been tearing at each other in the course of these past weeks as they seem not to get over each other’s embarrassment and denial after a bitter breakup.

The singer has now launched another verbal artillery again by telling the latter to stop bragging about businesses he started up for her.  Primah is known for being a hard worker who has a variety of Businesses including Primah Lusaniya, Primah Cosmetics, Primah Tours Uganda among others.


On several occasions, she has narrated how difficult it is managing the businesses on her own which is why she publicly revealed that she needed a man to help her, justifying her getting into a relationship with Mr Henry of Galaxy FM.

Geosteady however gets upset when his baby mama brags about her businesses. The singer has come out and told her to stop bragging because she didn’t start the businesses on her own, saying all these businesses are a pure effort for himself, not the baby mama.

“I used my money to start for her all the businesses she brags about. I invested in my hard-earned money. The Rasta she keeps on her social media can’t add anything to her life apart from servicing her private parts,” fumed Geosteady in an interview with a local YouTuber.

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