“He chewed my sumbie countless times, I assure you his ‘cassava’ is bigger and taller,” Lwasa’s ex-girlfriend trash viral videos

Social media was set ablaze over the weekend by a video in which a man said to be tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel appeared lying on a bed exposing his tiny manhood.

Netizens have laughed hard at the tycoon for possessing the tiniest manhood the world has ever seen.

However, he has continued to deny being the person in the viral video. He has claimed that the video was taken in a cheap hotel which is uncommon for him

“I can’t sleep in a cheap bed like that.” He said.

Additionally, the renowned skirt chaser said that haters seeking to tarnish his name photoshopped his head onto another person’s body to embarrass him.

Now a lady claiming to be his bonkmate preferring to stay anonymous has imitated to Boom.ug that indeed the video is fake because Lwasa’s penis is not as small as the one shown in the video.

She claims that she has bonked with the talkative tycoon countless times but has never seen him using small manhood on her.

Additionally, she disclosed that his only problem is being lasting for only a few seconds.

“I know Lwasa’s size very well because he bonked me countless times, that’s not his real size. It seems there is someone behind all this. I even have receipts for the hotels because he used to give me money to book them. We used to bonk from Sojovalo Hotel, Mengo. Lwasa is bigger and taller than that only that he finishes very fast and over sweats,” Boom.ug source revealed.

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