Mr Mutasa Kafeero, leader of the defunct group called Red Top Brigade has abandoned his move to call for nation wide protests on the day President Yoweri Museveni is swearing in for the sixth term.

On Thursday Kafeero allegedly met President Yoweri Museveni and bagged millions of shillings. The President accepted the meeting with intent that he was meeting “Tajja Kulayira” mobilizers a campaign coordinated by Time Is Now pressure group based in South Africa, with members in Uganda. The President was also hoodwinked to believe that he was meeting NUP Coordinators and members yet he was meeting NRM members and staged people disguised as opposition members.

According the South African based coordinator Khalid Kaka, Mutasa and the NRM government’s intention are believed to be frustrating the nationwide protests, organized by Time Is Now on the 12th of May. The group has been carrying out clandestine mobilizations and trainings in different parts of the country with external support from civil society groups in Kenya and South Africa.

In February 2021, “Time Is Now” made calls to Ugandans to fight for “their” victory. It was revealed that the group has been training activists in civil disobedience way back before elections. The trainings were said to be conducted a neighbouring country.

In a statement published on its Facebook page, Time Is Now reaffirmed its plans to conduct peaceful protests against President Museveni’s swearing in and asked Ugandans to come out in big numbers to fight for their victory.

Here is the full statement


It has come to our attention that a group of youth from Red Top a defunct group met President Museveni last week. They claimed to be behind a nationwide campaign to block President Museveni swearing in which is dubbed as “Tajja Kulayira” We wish to categorically state it that none of our members or activists has met President Museveni and we wish to reaffirm it that our plans of organizing nationwide peaceful protests on May 12th 2021 are still on. Tajja Kulayira campaign is organized by Time Is Now not Red Top.

The meeting between Red Top and President Museveni is aimed at disorganizing our plans and to mislead our mobilizers. It is one of their strategies to demoralize Ugandans. We cannot sell our souls to Museveni’s dictatorship. We call upon fellow Ugandans to remain steadfast and continue fighting for our victory. Peaceful protests are provided with in our constitution. It’s therefore within the law to demonstrate peacefully.

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