Blogger Isma Olaxes in bitter war with Abitex over Danz Kumapeesa’s death

Isma Olaxess is in hot soup after events promoter Abitex opened up a case at CID Kibuli, Kampala against him over the murder of late music producer Danz Kumapeesa.


“Complaint against Tusubira Ibrahim alias Isimah Olaxess for being behind the late Dan Mukisa alias Dans Kumapeesa with impunity,” A letter addressed to Director CID Kampala.
Abitex added that a week ago Olaxess through a video posted on social media boasted that he was behind the murder of the producer and said that neither his ( Danz ) family nor the police can arrest him or the gang that did the act.

“Being a person in the same industry and more so a responsible citizen of my nation I have come up leading our other friends in the industry to protest to the authority to bring the murderers to courts of law,” He requested.©

He concluded by asking that Olaxess be summoned so that he can describe how Danz was murdered.

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