NBS TV’s MC Kats sheds tears narrating how stigmatized he is for being HIV positive

Celebrated entertainers, emcee and NBS TV presenter Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats may be one of the most sought-after media personalities. But he has his own challenges, just like any other human being.

Kats was diagnosed with HIV years ago and he continues to live positively.

Two years ago, Kats came out and announced that he was living positively, however, his life and his social image has been hugely affected since the announcement.

Painfull Kats has revealed that he has suffered abuse and stigma by those who don’t want to associate with him just because of his HIV status.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Katamba revealed that although being positive is one huge burden, stigmatization makes it even much more difficult since one becomes a huge social misfit.

“HIV pains but stigma kills,” Wrote Kats.


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