Tamale Mirundi Junior dumps ‘Grandma’ Don Zella and introduces soupy babe to parents

Tamale Mirundi Junior, a son of motor-mouthed political critic Tamale Mirundi celebrated his birthday on Sunday at a lavish party.

The party was attended by friends, relatives, and Kampala’s top party animals Zahara Totto, Wisdom Kaye, Events promoter Bajjo among others.

However, what caught the attention was the absence of top Socialite and sugar mummy Sheila Don Zella who is believed to be feasting on the young Mirundi’s whooper.

Nevertheless, the party was fun-filled and guests were treated to different foods and niceties as well as limitless booze.

During the celebrations, Junior introduced his girlfriend to his family and this left his parents shocked and excited at the same time.

Tamale Mirundi Junior girlfriend

Junior is known for having been dating blogger Don Zella who is way older than him. Introducing a woman of his age left his parents smiling from ear to ear.

While speaking at the party, Mirundi Junior’s mother said they had been praying for him to get out of the situation of dating older women.

“What he did, he was on the wrong path. I got my rosary and prayed that my son gets out of that situation so that he can get someone of his age whom they work together, give birth and I also get see a grandchild,” She said excitedly.

Additionally, the motor-mouthed Mirundi Senior said that he has grown old and needs a grandchild to look after him in his old age.

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