Deputy Speaker to name MPs who bonked and impregnated school girls

There is a general feeling of shock in the 11th parliament after it has been revealed that a big number of members of parliament have embarked on a rampage to impregnate women and university students. The alarming developments were revealed by the deputy speaker of parliament Rt Hon Anita Among.

Among revealed that many members of parliament have failed to tame their restless whoopers and to contain their popularity and immense cash and instead decided to use it on manipulating and making women and girls pregnant. The deputy speaker revealed that she has now turned into a counselor after she has been forced to speak to many women and girls who have been made pregnant and abandoned by male MPs.

“I’m tired of counseling women here. Women come here with children and it’s the MPs who impregnate these girls and abandon them. Just imagine this girl is your daughter, someone impregnated and refuses to take care?” fumed Among.

The deputy speaker thereafter gave out a stern warning to these legislators, saying if they don’t change, she will start naming and shaming them before the house.

“If MPs don’t want to believe this, I will start naming culprits,” She added.

The speaker’s warning came after MP Sarah Opendi rose to the floor of parliament to raise concerns about the failed parenting among the members of parliament. Opendi demanded that members of parliament be role models for the public to emulate.

“Today I was informed of a young mother who came here with a child of six months whose father is one of us here and has failed to take responsibility for the child. Can we be role models as we speak about the aspect of parenthood?” Opendi wondered.

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