Rapper Feffe Bussi reputedly bonking with Susan

Whoever has seen self-proclaimed Smallest rapper Feffe Bussi must have come to a conclusion that something has greatly changed in the entertainer’s life.


The once lean and slender rapper is now a mass body with chubby cheeks and a big frame and healthier. There is only one secret: he is in love!

The rapper has according to reports fallen into things after he has hooked (or has he been hooked) a loaded and juicy Nkuba Kyeeyo who is bankrolling the rapper’s good living.

The woman only identified as Suzan alias MTC Numbers is super-rich and owns several mansions and a fleet of expensive cars in the city.

Suzan alias MTC Numbers

The pair have always been meeting occasionally at Palm Valley Golf Club before heading to her lavish mansion in Bwebajja for another round.

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