“If your child is on social media, you deserves to be burnt in hell,” Bebe Cool hits at critics

Singer Bebe Cool and his Wife Zuena Kirema treated their followers to beach pictures taken during his birthday vacation at Chobe safari lodge.

The pictures most especially Zuena’s created a fuss on social media as many people criticised her for showing off her nakedness when she has grown up children she should be respecting.

Zuena was clad in a revealing bikini that expose her fat buttocks and sharp breasts, leaving men fighting scrotal eruptions.

Bebe has come out and defended his wife saying that social media is for only people above the age of eighteen, who should be having no problems with viewing adult content.

The ‘Kabulengane’ singer added that parents whose children are on social media, deserve to be burnt in hell, since they will have failed in their role as parents.

“Social media is not for young people, it’s for people above 18, if your child is on social media and is below the age then you are a failed parent , you are bad parents. If your child is on social media, you deserve to be burnt in fire because you are a failed parent,” he hit out during an interview with a local YouTuber.

Additionally the Gagamel boss revealed that he does not allow his children to be on social media, however revealing that his daughter Beata and son, Alpha Ssali have Instagram accounts.

“None of my children are on social media, we give them phones and lock them.

Beatta has an Instagram page but is not in her name. We monitor them all the time. She uses it to study.

Alpha also has one but uses it for football only, he is always playing not being here and there on social media,” Bebe Cool

About his wife’s almost nude pictures, the singer said that some Ugandans are unexposed and ignorant because a woman of any age can go out and expose her body as she pleases.

“I want to be part of people who will bring mindset change in uganda. Those who criticised our pictures are not many, just a few people who are not exposed. Youths who do not support Bebe and those with their problems.

“You can’t Control everyonee, you see even Jesus was criticised.

“I want to urge ugandans to care about their own happiness, don’t let someone determine your happiness . In uganda you work hard and people want to tell you how to spend your money. That’s very sick and ignorant. Do you know what I’ve gone through with Zuena? , we are making 20 years and you stop me from taking pictures to post on our pages?  I want to warn ugandns who think we don’t understand that it is very okay for a woman of 60 years to go to a swimming pool  and swim and take pictures , it’s also okay for us who want to take and post them on our social media platforms,” The singer explained.

Bebe also believes that his wife’s beauty is worth posting on social media.

“There is no reason I should not be proud of a beautiful woman, do you want me to do so when I’m dead?  A beautiful wife like Zuena is worth being celebrated,” He concluded.

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