“Nze mu NRM nagendayo kweyiya nga mwe.” Big eye yetondedde banayuganda

Ugandan singer Big Eye Starboss has released a new song dubbed “Bukome” begging Ugandans to stop pelting bottles at him claiming that he betrayed them to “better his future”.


The singer angered a section of Ugandans when he showed his support for the ruling government at a time when a number of Ugandans were being killed, tortured and others getting abducted just for supporting the opposition.

The anger forced them to pelt bottles at the singer in January 2020 during Spice Diana’s show at Freedom City.

The NRM diehard thought Ugandans had forgotten about his betrayal but these showed him they are as angry as before as they threw bottles at him again days ago.

In the new song, he has explained that he joined NRM because just like any other person, he is looking for ways to better his future.

“You are my brother’s and sisters. I’m a Ugandan like you working for my future like you do. I ask for the pain to stop. You are hurting my fans. Don’t get hurt by what I do, I am just bettering my future. Only if you were in my shoes, you would know.” He said.

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