Frustrated Man Says His Wife Never Respected Him As Head Of Family

Afrustrated man known as Musa from Kenya’s capital Nairobi narrated how his arrogant wife never respected him in any way as the head of the family. He said that his wife has been despising him everyday. When asked if his wife was earning a lot than him, he said that was not the problem as she earned a salary two times lower than what he had been making a month. She even demeaned her husband in front of their children as they also started disrespecting him.


They ignored their father as they would in most occasions consult their mother in everything. This frustrated man felt lowered as the head of the family. According to him, she always lamented to her work-mates and friends that she was still single despite her being in a legal marriage they got into through a church wedding. He said he sought several assistance from places he thought he might get the necessary help but none of them managed to solve his situation at all. The frustrated man reached to a point of opening businesses for his wife to see if there could be a change but that was in vain.

Through one of his friends that he happened to share his story with, he came to learn about this man Dr Mugwenu. He was given his contacts and met him at his offices. Dr Mugwenu foretold him that his wife had family curses from her family that they never respected their husbands which needed to be casted out. The spells were offered to him. Dr Mugwenu assured him that his testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds as he feared people would read him through.

The frustrated man was eventually helped

Since the spells were casted to him, his wife would adhere to everything he said to her. Due to respect that was brought into their marriage by Dr Mugwenu, he says he was able to re-unite that romantic moments that was missing in their marriage.

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