VIDEO: Another NUP supporter narrates horrible torture ordeal

Ronald Segawa, a supporter of Bobi Wine and the National Unity Platform (NUP) has narrated his torture ordeal at the hands of state security operatives.


In a video shared by Bobi Wine on his social media pages, Segawa narrates what happened to him when he was arrested around Industrial Area in Kampala.

According to Segawa, he was abducted by plain-clothed security operatives who dragged him into a white vehicle ‘drone’ that was parked by the roadside.

Segaya, whose body is ‘flooded’ with deep marks of torture says that his hands were then tied and the officers started asking him what information he has on Bobi Wine.

“As we drove, they continued to hit me with what I suspect to have been a gun. I pleaded that I didn’t know anything but they insisted that I was lying,” Segawa narrates.

He claims that he was electrocuted and his nails plucked out using pliers.

“I was screamed as I was in a lot of pain,” he states before revealing that he lost consciousness shortly after. He says that by the time he gained consciousness, he was alone by the roadside.

Currently, Segawa has healing scars on the back, stomach, legs, hands, and legs.

Lately, opposition in parliament, a section of the public, and different organizations are demand for action against the continued torture in Uganda.

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