Olutalo lwa God’s plan ne Rickman silwakugwa kati; Bwiino alumika obwenzi bwa Gashumba yeyongedde obunji

Over the week Sheila Gashumba’s ex-boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan came out and attacked singer and Sheila’s current boyfriend Rickman and branded him a snake.


In a Snapchat post, God’s plan branded Rickman green snake after snatching Sheila from him. He said that Rickman used to visit their apartment to chill, drink and eat food but he ended up with his ex-girlfriend Sheila Gashumba.

Now, Rickman has also responded back to God’s Plan after branding him ” snake”. He said that someone to enjoy Sheila’s sweet pot must have money and talent or else you feature in the throwback lane.

“Talent or money, you have to have one of those or else you will end up doing throwbacks when the world is on for tomorrow, and should you have both, then that will be an A++”, Rickman posted.

Sheila and Rickman get hooked up on grounds that she was to act as Rickman’s music career but ended up having chemistry among themselves.

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