Spice Diana Is Greedy And Selfish – Isaac Rucci

Isaac Rucci, one of the Janzi Awards stakeholders and UMA board member has lashed out at Spice Diana for her greed and selfishness. This follows the singer’s spat with the organizers of the awards.


Spice Diana said that these awards were full of bias and favoritism. She added that this was a plot by the government to use artists for its own good. Rucci just like many others said that Spice Diana is only bitter because she lost out to Azawi.

He added that the Onsanula singer shouldn’t even be complaining because she was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the E-concerts that happened a few months ago.

These were also organized by the same stakeholders just as the Janzi Awards.

“I wouldn’t like to personalize this argument so much, but honestly Azawi has been the better artist for the last 2 years compared to Spice Diana. I don’t know why she’s complaining a lot yet she was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the E-concerts. We booked her and she performed so she can’t claim that she hasn’t been working.

Just give it two years from now, you will see who will be on top between her and Azawi. We should stop trying to oppose everything just because it has a government hand in it especially if it’s benefiting the industry,” Isaac Rucci said.

He also explained the voting process which Spice Diana doubted.

Rucci said that they had the public voting which had to be narrowed down by the voting academy.

“For the voting, we had the public voting for the first time. At first, 75,000 voted out of the 96 categories. We then narrowed the list of nominees to 300 people and again the public voted.

This time it was in huge numbers as over 200,000 people voted. The academy then had to sieve and pick out the deserving winners.”

Meanwhile, Spice Diana said that she can survive without these awards. She added that she’s not bitter for an award she can’t exchange for money in a Bank.

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