Cabinet names groups to receive Ugx 100,000 for vulnerable urban dwellers as Covid facilitation

Government has identified the intended beneficiaries of the Ugx 100,000 intended support for the vulnerable people in the different Municipalities and cities across the country to overcome the Covid 19 pandemic and lack of resources.

The groups according to the Minister for Gender, Betti Amongi include Bus, Taxi drivers and conductors, baggage carriers, wheel barrow pushers, traffic guides and loaders, stouts, the baggage carriers in places such as Kikuubo, bar maids, men, waiters, bouncers, restaurant, food vendors in taxi and arcade, boda boda riders, special hire and uber drivers.

The cabinet also approved the sending of money to saloon workers, teachers in Private schools, car washers, slum dwellers, shoe shiners, ohparns and street vendors.

“The intervention for the 42 days is for those who were working and their work was affected. The other vulnerable groups will be delt with by the Ministry of Gender,” the minister says

Up to 501107 (About 38%) house holds are expected to the benefit of the total households for each city and municipality in the country. “The withdraw charges will be incurred by government.

“The figure was derived from the purchase of 20 kilo grams of posho, 10 kilo grams of beans, a bar of soap, three liters of cooking oil. Also, government added Ugx 20,000 for miscellaneous,” the Minister added

According to Minister Betti Amongi, those who are to receive the money shall have their names correspond with the mobile money line and the National ID.

Also Government has organized Post Bank financial institution to reach each of the people with no credentials to cater for all those without corresponding lines and National IDs.

Cabinet has worked with NIRA to offer a temporary National Identification Number that will help the beneficiaries to get to Post Bank and get the money.

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics, ton clerks and other institutions have already mapped out the intended beneficiaries.

The Local Council 1 have not participated in the collection of data. They will however work in the verification of the said data.

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