Nina Roz health worsens as rushes to Tanzania for medical attention

Imbaraga radio earlier reported to you that struggling singer Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz has been battling plenty of problems lately.

The singer is still nursing her heart after her break up with star producer Daddy Andre, her renewed battle with drugs and her battles with the Black Market Records. You can now see why Nina is having endless battles with depression.

The singer recently revealed that she has been battling depression and it appears the condition has got worse.

Just days after her YouTube channel, her only source of income was deleted by Black Market Records over ownership wrangles, the singer has fled the Country to Tanzania with the hope that she can get a remedy to the depression that is eating her up at a terrific speed.

It is reported that the “Billboard” hitmaker has seen her mental health deteriorate as a result of the saga, as well as failing to come to terms with the fact that her relationship with Andre is no more.

A week ago, we reported to you how it was alleged that the singer had taken back to doing drugs after her break up. It is now hoped that she will get the peace of mind in Tanzania to recover from all the tortures of her mind.

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