Only 9,000 people missed out on the “Nabbanja money” – Government

The government, through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has confirmed that a part from only 9,000 people, the majority of beneficiaries for the Shs100,000 COVID-19 stimulus fund have received it.


According to Frank Mugabi, the ministry’s spokesperson, the 9,000 are a continuation of the number that had been rejected due to mismatches in their details.

Initially, 80,000 people had been rejected by the systems after they found discrepancies in their NIN, names, and mobile phone numbers, but Mugabi says this has been handled to the extent that only 9,000 are still pending.

On the issue of the lockdown lifting, Mugabi says that it does not in any way affect the disbursement of the cash to those who have not yet received it.

Regarding the reports on double payments, Mugabi says the money has been recovered, while those who withdraw it quickly will have it deducted by the telecom companies using a specific mechanism.

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