Peter Ssematimba’s ex and maid reveals shocking details

The ex-house maid of Peter Ssematimba has revealed that the former legislator impregnated her while she was a minor at the age of 17 years.

“He impregnated me when I was only 17 years. I was naïve but I cannot say that he raped me. He only used trickery to lure me into sex but also it was never my explicit decision to fall in love with Ssematimba,” says Ms. Joan Namatovu 32.

She said that other than Ssematimba, the former Busiro South Member of Parliament asking her to wash his back, he at many times returned home charged and asked me to massage his body.

“He would claim his body ached after gym exercises. He would lay naked facing downwards. The first time I went to bed with him was after a massage. He turned upwards and removed his panty. He asked me to remove my skirt. He really took me through very delicate processes before I got pregnant,” Namatovu said.

When Namatovu got pregnant, she told the man of God as Ssematimba prefers to be called but instead Ssematimba told me to go to media if I wanted and that he would deal with it.

“But as election time knocked on the door, and I threatened to sue him, he rented for me a houe at Zana and I continued serving as both a girlfriend and maid. However during the entire pregnancy, I received no help from him until when I gave birth at a KCCA hospital,” she said.

She said that Ssematimba uses his house as a lodge bringing one woman after the other “and I would be the one to prepare food for all of them.”


Namatovu said that to confirm the girl was a daughter of Ssematimba, he took a saliva swab from the girl and afterwards, gave her a name. The girl is now ten years old.

News about the infidelity of Ssematimba came to light after he decided to take Namatovu to court seeking legal protection of the child. He accuses the maid for irresponsible behavior.

Instead Namatovu said Ssematimba is the irresponsible one with a feathery mouth that doesnot harbor secrets.

“Ssematimba says everything from the bed life of his wife. I know all about his wife. He likes rumor mongering,” Namatovu said.

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