Parents Have To Work Hard To Take Their Children To Best Schools – Blogger Isma

Blogger Isma Olaxess has said parents have to work hard if they want to take their children to the best schools. He said this while in an interview with Miles Rwamiti as they were talking about the reopening of school next week.

He gave various reasons why parents should take their children to the best schools.

“As a parent, you have to work hard so your children can go to the best schools….. Schools like Kings College Budo, which produce the next Kings; Kibuli SS, which produces the next Attorney General or Prime Minister or Ntare School; which produces presidents,” he said.

Blogger Isma also added that when you take your child to low standard schools, their future is doomed.

“But if your child ends up at Kyanamukaka SS which has never produced even an LC 1 Chairman, his future is doomed.”

According to him, schools have a lot to do with the future of the children. He says the only reason why Attorney Lewis Rubongoya is a big deal in NUP is because he went to Havard.

Well, looking at this without thinking, one may take it as gospel truth. However, we have also seen so many people who have made it without making it to the best schools.

It, therefore, can’t be entirely true that it is the best schools that form the future of the person. However, those who can make it to those schools can go ahead but those who can’t should not beat their chests to the ground.

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