What’s next for Queen Karma? – Isma Ollaxes, Kato Lubwama weigh in on Sheebah’s TNS exit

So, another music empire had been deserted by its queen! Team No Sleep is hardly recognizable without top dog Sheebah Karungi. However, they will have to get used to the fact that she is nolonger part of them after it became public that the singer had under extraordinary circumstances departed from the label.

Managed by Jeff Kiwanuka alias Kiwa, TNS has stood the test of time as a music power house, only rivalled by Swangz Avenue. However, several artistes have gradually exited, such as Pallaso and King Saha, with Sheebah being the latest high profile star and the brand’s biggest star to follow suit.

Many have come out to react to the news differently, with many praising her move whereas others questioning whether she has come of age to be a stand-alone star.

Blogger Isma Ollaxes, for instance, has come out to praise Sheebah for her bravery and decision to be a stand alone star who doesn’t depend on the money and influence of Jeff, saying it is now that she will indeed stake her claim as an independent music powerhouse.

Isma added that Sheebah’s music career under Jeff had reached a point of saturation with no new ideas and struggling to break through borders. He now thinks Sheebah Karungi will rebrand and reorganize her priorities to become a global star.

However, veteran comedian and politician Kato Lubwama disagrees. He insists Sheebah Karungi will drop standards and fade into oblivion without Jeff Kiwa.

Lubwama says this is not the right time for the singer to leave Jeff, saying she can’t manage herself since she doesn’t have the skills to manager her career considering its level and demands.

Kato Lubwama is scared that Sheebah has committed a serious career mistake and gamble.

It should be reversed that Sheebah has had a hugely successful music career under Jeff Kiwa since 2013 with her initial solo hits under TNS such as Jordan, Ice Cream, Twesana among others propelling her to national consciousness and fame.

It is however still debatable what could have led to the split, with many claiming it is due to money issues and the Munyonyo mansion whereas others say Sheebah may have said no to Jeff in bed.

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