Man murdered in cold blood in his compound

Residents of Kanyeganyegye trading Centre in Masheruka town council Sheema district were this morning shocked after finding their fellow resident slaughtered in front of his door.


Wilson Baturiine 50 years old hailing from Bugarama village in Masheruka was found his head divided into two lying on his door with indicators that he first fought with the murderers since he was found with a stone in his right hand, although his wife Katushabe Betty told us that they didn’t hear any alarm at night saying that they kept waiting for him to return home but all in vain until this morning when she opened a door and found his husband’s body lying in the pool of blood.

Katushabe told us that her husband left home at around 3pm going to finish his work of splitting firewood in someone’s forest but that he was supposed to return back at around 7pm though he didn’t, that she thought that he bypassed at the bar as usual but that they waited for him until 9Pm when they slept.

Jovia Kariisa the mother of the deceased told us that his son has been in deep quarrels with his wife (Katushabe) over land issues.

“That woman you see there, she tried to kill my son last Thursday but failed, she has been demanding land, that she wants her own share to be put into her names which the deceased refused , this was the fifth year when my son has been eating from hotel or i give him food because that woman refused to give him food, that until he surrenders land title into her name, how can a person be killed on the door and you tell us that you didn’t hear anything, police help us” Jovia

Residents and police putting the body on Police Vehicle

Sheema Central police station Kabwohe after thoroughly investigations, they arrested the wife (Katushabe Betty), 23 years old boy from wife’s family whom they have been staying with and bar owners where the deceased was drinking from before meeting his death.

According to ASP Akong Bibian OC CID Sheema district said that the deceased was cut into the head and that after the murderers took time and they overturned him covering injuries and that they later covered the flow of blood with soil a signal that they were confident enough not fearing to be caught.

The body was later taken to Kabwohe health Centre 4 for postmortem as police investigations are still going on.

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