I didn’t rush to find another man – Kuluthum defends herself

The late sheik Muzaata’s widow Dr. Kuluthum Muzaata defends herself on finding another husband.


During an interview with Urban Television, Kuluthum said no one is supposed to tell her what to do because she is old and everyone should know she didn’t rush into another marriage.

“It would be wrong for anyone to claim that I rushed to find another man. It’s over a year since my husband died. How do you say I rushed? But even if it was after a week, I am not a girl. I am a mature person capable of making logical decisions. No person can decide for me when I should find or not find a man.”

Despite all the words said about Kuluthum’s new husband, she said she loves her man and she made the right decision.

It should be noted that Kuluthum had one son with Sheihk Muzaata who is allegedly the heir of the family.

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