Jayne Kalumba, the current mayor for Maddu town council also a known confidant to General Salim Saleh was on Wednesday morning recorded beating police officers.


The assaulted police officers are attached to Gomba police division. They had turned up to investigate cause of fire which gutted the mayor’s bar located at Maddu roundabout in the wee hours.

Mayor Jayne escorted by her body guard fully dressed in UPDF uniform roughed up before chasing away from crime scene the division head of investigations Ibra Batasi, the scenes of crime officer-SOCO, fire brigade team and FFU officers.


In a video making rounds on social media, Mayor Jayne was speaking with a lot of confidence to a one person she referred to as ‘Afande’.

“Next time never secure a scene before understanding the owner, can you get out, out,” She said before started talking on a telephone. “Yes Afande, there is an officer called Ibra, he doesn’t want to talk to me…” She further said on a telephone.

Mayor Jayne Kalumba roughing up Gomba CID and other officers

The police officers instead remained calm, did not argue with the already charged mayor but in its place left the scene without any evidence collected.

Officers opened up a file at the district division against the mayor for obstructing them from duty and assaulting officers among other.

Local reporters who tried covering the incident were threatened to face the rough too in case they happen to record and publish the incident anywhere.

Nevertheless, residents at Gomba town scoffed at the police officers daring them justice but demotions for distressing the community lioness.

Odds on Ground.      

Close friends to the mayor revealed that she was behind the burning of her bar to flame one Noah Ssesanga, who had rejected her before officially marrying off the woman under the same age bracket that he was behind the crime. Our source revealed that Mayor Jayne had taken long appealing to Ssesanga drop her wife for her but the plea was rejected before she started on plans for thwarting his marriage.

Conversely, Mayor Jayne being a confidant to the general and a strong NRM carder protected by UPDF, she has all the time tried to prove to Gomba community that she is above certain commands.

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