A Number Of Journalists Still Held In Custody Since Their Arrest Yesterday In Kayunga

Police arrested a number of journalists in Kayunga during and after the elections. The Police claimed that these were causing chaos in Kayunga.


However, fellow journalists have expressed dismay especially because of the way police arrested their colleagues. Those who survived arrests went away with injuries and their equipment destroyed in the process.

Fellow Journalists have been the ones speaking on behalf of the arrested colleagues. Canary Mugume of NBS, this morning ran to his social media to let the world know that his colleague of Daily Monitor have been in police custody for now 2days.

“Daily monitor journalist @kakumirizi2002 is still in security custody. He was arrested 2 days ago, as soon as he arrived in Kayunga to cover the LCV by-election.”

A lot of irregularities marred these elections to the point that it even affected the voter turn up. Some People refused to vote because they claimed they found ballot boxes already stuffed even before the arrival of voters.

However, much as security was really tight, they didn’t register much chaos or any kind of head-turning violence.

The arrest of journalists however is not a good picture, especially for the electoral commission. It puts a question on whether the elections are free and fair.

Journalists are sources of information, if they tamper with, it means they tamper with information too in some way.

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