NBS TV Journalist Canary Mugume set to wed long-time fiancee Sasha Ferguson

Next Media Live At 9 news anchor Canary Mugume has been in a relationship with super sassy Sasha Ferguson.

The news anchor and talkshow host is as we speak in the final stages of walking down the aisle with Ms Ferguson.

Mugume and Ferguson have been through hell and back together and it appears their years of being patient and tolerant are finally coming to fruition.

According to sources close to the lovebirds, the pair are putting the final touches for their Red letter day and it is believed it going to be a mega wedding that will attract the city’s A-listers.

Mugume with longtime fiancee Sasha

The couple have had an on and off relationship with Canary and there were reports that she was sleeping around with loaded men in Tanzania, a rumour that Mugume closed his ears to.

The pair also landed in trouble and we’re criticised when they posed in a photoshoot with guns.

It now seems that they will have to pose in a wedding gown and groom’s suit.

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