Sasha speaks out on dating married men, cheating on NBS TV’s Canary Mugume and being pregnant

In May 2021, Journalist Canary Mugume’s wife Sasha Ferguson was accused of having cheated on him with a Tanzanian guy named Jim.

Pictures of Sasha and Jim having fun together went viral on social media just days after she got engaged to Canary.

The rumours were leaked by a woman said to be Jim’s wife and baby mama.

Even though Canary and Sasha did not speak about the rumours, many believed that it was true that the latter indeed cheated on the former with a married man.

While answering questions from her fans through a Q&A session on Instagram, Shasha gave a negative opinion about women dating married men.

“This life is like a boomerang, what you do to hurt another woman all in the name of I don’t care if he’s married ‘I love him’ ….comes back to you twice, might not even be at that moment but expect it any time in the near future. It’s not something sweet at all so I advise women not to be fooled by married men because at the side lady has alot more to lose. It can also make you fail to get the love of your life.” She answered after a fan asked her what she has to say about girls dating married men.

Sasha additionally hinted about being pregnant.

“Are you and Canary expecting a baby?” A fan asked.

“Haha you never know…we could be,” Sasha responded.

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