Big Eye yegayiridde omuyimbi Bobi Wine amugambire ku bawagizi be balekere awo okumukuba obucuupa

Singer Big Eye Starboss who is also a staunch supporter of NRM and Yoweri Museveni was last night pelted with bottles during a live performance at Jahazi Pier.


The continued throwing of bottles according to him is a threat to his promoters and partners and are likely to drown his music career.

Through his social media platforms, Big Eye has said that the people who threw the bottles at him belong to Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform- NUP party hence tasking him (Bobi) to stop them.

“Now which kind of Uganda does NUP want if yourselves can not practice democracy. Which wrong did I do to support Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and NRM? I challenge you Hon Bobi Wine if you believe in democracy to come out and speak to your supporters and tell them to separate music from politics. Let them stop attacking me when performing on stage. On stage, I’m doing my official job. It’s now scaring my promoters and partners in the business and affecting my career. Free me,” He wrote.

Social media users have however laughed at him asking how he got to know that the bottles were from NUP supporters.

“So the bottles were red or they had a NUP symbol? Chosen Media asked.

“Obuchupa wategede otya nti bwa NUP? Akachupa ka NUP kalina ennuma jekalumamu eyenjawulo? Ani yagamba nti aba NUP bokka bebanyigirizibwa?” Blogger Dikteta Mark

Other Ugandans believe the singer deserves the attacks since he is supporting a regime that has put many people through suffering.

“You should stay quiet with your stupidity. In fact you don’t deserve peace at all. Have you ever condemned government brutal acts towards the opposition. They always say you real what you sow? Biira Ruth said.

“For you it was obucupa, what about those ones who are in detention and under immense torture without justification. You talk about democracy when you are hurt but when others are hurt by the agents of the state you presume there is democracy,” Musa Luwambya.

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