Lumbuye allegedly set to meet Museveni

After receiving many questions from National Unity Platform (NUP) members of Parliament about Kajjubi Lumbuye Fred’s whereabouts, State Minister for Internal Affairs Oryem Okello said that the blogger is still in Turkey and they are waiting for him to get deported.

Okello denied ever mentioning that Lumbuye was deported.

His statement followed a series of news stories reporting that the blogger was secretly taken to Gulu by SFC where he was being tortured.

Okello again trashed the claims saying that the Ugandan government was still in discussions with Turkey to see if he can get deported.

News about Lumbuye being in Gulu first appeared on The Observer Twitter account. Once again, the media house has made allegations regarding Lumbuye’s whereabouts.

These allege that the gossipy blogger was transferred from Gulu to Nakasongola.

“Govt official: Lumbuye will return humbled. After we tweeted about his location, Gulu was immediately considered “no longer safe & secret.” In Nakasongola, Lumbuye hasn’t reportedly been physically tortured with access to life’s basics except for his gadgets,” Source

Additionally, Source claims that a source has imitated to them that Lumbuye will meet with President whom he allegedly pronounced dead. “2 weeks ago, he was reportedly diagnosed with a bout of malaria but has since been treated and is in good health now. “The Lumbuye people knew he is gone; when he finally returns it will be a different Lumbuye, speaking different tunes. He was supposed to speak to the president,” Source said.

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